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An arrest is a life-changing event, and the consequences can last a lifetime. Whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony, the fear and embarrassment run deep—and the uncertainty is overwhelming. Your career, your reputation, and most importantly, your freedom are at stake. But every legal dilemma, no matter the complexity, has a solution.

You need a lawyer who will fight tirelessly for you—someone who won’t give up no matter what. You need a lawyer who won’t back down or pass the work off when things get too hard. You need a lawyer with unceasing tenacity dedicated to his clients. You need Bryan E. Wilson, attorney at law. Putting these life-changing events in the past is what I do. My goal is to get your charges dismissed or reduced to ensure that each of my clients is treated fairly. Protect your rights. Call or text Fort Worth criminal defense attorney Bryan E. Wilson and get the Texas Law Hawk on your side today.


Years ago, my peers in law school gave me a nickname for my aggressive advocacy tactics: the Law Hawk. I am honored that the nickname and reputation have followed me since then. Today, I still proudly follow a policy of fighting hard for my clients.

Aggressive Fort Worth Lawyer Bryan E Wilson the Texas Law Hawk

With dedicated vigilance and focused aggression, I treat each case like I’m personally facing the charges. And I don’t tolerate violations of my clients’ rights. Call or text me today if you want an aggressive criminal defense attorney.


If you’ve been charged with a crime, imagine an hourglass being turned over. Time is important when your rights are slipping away, and you need a qualified attorney fast. You need:

  1. Someone who understands the legal system from every angle.
  2. Someone with courage and tenacity, who remains poised under pressure.
  3. Someone who has a proven record of hard work and dedication to criminal law.
  4. Someone who treats you like a person, and not a case file.

As detailed on my Attorney Profile page, my range of qualifications demonstrate my suitability as your attorney:

  1. I have interned for criminal court judges, the public defender’s office, and both federal and state prosecutors. I understand the system.
  2. I have never given up on any of my clients, even when they gave up themselves. Past experiences have taught me that persistence pays off. And my formalized advocacy training allows me to remain calm and collected in the courtroom.
  3. I graduated from law school with the highest honors, and focused on learning practical skills for a future in criminal defense.
  4. I have personally experienced law enforcement officers violate my constitutional rights. This is part of the reason I became a criminal defense attorney. And I believe that everyone deserves a second chance. That is why I zealously protect my clients’ rights and treat them with respect.

Put this case behind you. Call or text me today so we can set up a free consultation on your case.


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